Black Bears Fishing!

Every fall our local black bears wait in anticipation for the first big rainfall, which raises the water level and brings the salmon (bears’ favourite foodgroup!) back up Thornton Creek to spawn. The rain was later than usual this fall, as the West Coast enjoyed a warm and dry September and early October. But the bears are now feasting at Thornton Creek, and will continue to do so until around the second week in November, so be sure to book your stay soon.

You can view the bears safely from a raised boardwalk which skirts the hatchery all the way up to the waterfall. The occasional bear has been know to use the walkway too, or cross the road where you park your vehicle, but they seem quite oblivious to the onlookers and remain focussed on their feasting. Great photo or video opportunities! Check out this You-tube link to see what you’re missing:

YouTube Preview Image