Orcas in front of Anchors Inn!

7706cropped2This was a special Valentine’s Day treat — 5 Orcas (aka Killer Whales) came into Ucluelet Harbour on February 14th around 2:00 pm, splashing and frolicking for almost an hour before heading back out to the open ocean.

Everyone on the Ucluelet waterfront was down on their beach to watch the action. We witnessed some spy-hopping, breaches and fin-slapping on the water.


Check out YouTube Preview Image to see a video clip Marilyn took of these Orcas, including a breach!

Orcas only come into our harbour once a year or so, usually between January and March, sometimes looking for food — seals or sea lions — and once a few years ago to give birth in the quiet warm water at the top of the inlet.

The Orcas we have here on the West Coast are called Transients — they don’t travel in pods like the Orcas around Victoria do. They are also mammal eaters (deer swimming from island to island watch out!) while the pods tend to eat mainly fish. It’s very exciting when whales grace us with their presence!